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You’ll Know Her by Her Green Beret

I heard the best description of a mortgage broker recently, and the second half made me laugh out loud. 

This individual explained how the typical mortgage broker was once a top producer or manager of a bank.  After many years of experience and leadership in that role, their entrepreneurial spirit moved them to start their own mortgage company which would then enable them to fill a need in their community. 

He then went on to compare us to the Special Forces, or the elite of the industry.  He said we are like the Green Berets, or Navy Seals, the best of the best.

After careful consideration, I see how this portrayal has some merit.

De oppresso liber!

~Sherri Dyer, Advisor & Mortgage Maven

writing for MDI Mortgage, a full service mortgage company located in Bar Harbor, Maine, Mount Desert Island


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Author: Sherri Dyer

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